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Jone 徐繼宗

Jone Chui is a singer-songwriter, producer, and backup vocalist. He has been composing songs for 20 years, having had around a hundred of his works published for award-winning artists like Joey Yung, Andy Lau, Eason Chan, Hins Cheung, Kay Tse and Edmond Leung etc. He immigrated to Vancouver in the summer of 2018, and now divides his time between Vancouver and Hong Kong, continuing to serve the music scene as a songwriter and a performing musician.

徐繼宗是香港著名唱作人、唱片製作人和演唱會和音,曾出版歌曲接近 100 首,合作過的歌手更不計其數,包括容祖兒、劉德華、陳奕迅、張敬軒、謝安琪、麥浚龍、鄧小巧、陳柏宇和梁漢文等。 2018 年夏天移民溫哥華,現在遊走香港溫哥華兩地繼續音樂創作與演出工作。

Victor 謝國維

Victor Tse is an award-winning songwriter, producer and film music composer. For over a decade, Victor has proven himself a consistent leader in the Music Industry. His versatile music style made him a sought after arranger and producer.
He is the co-founder and Music Director of Frenzi Music Limited, the music label behind some successful new artists/bands/groups, including Michael Lai, Siu Hau Tang, Nowhere Boys, per se.

謝國維曾獲香港「CASH 流行曲創作大賽」冠軍,是香港傑出的音樂製作人,他同時亦參與電影、電視及廣告的配樂工作。曾合作歌手包括楊千嬅、陳奕迅、謝安琪、古巨基、周慧敏、張敬軒、Twins、衛蘭和王心凌等。2011年,他與著名唱作人馮穎琪成立了 Frenzi Music Limited,建立了自己的錄音室和音樂品牌,努力發掘並培育有質素的音樂人。他近年主力為品牌旗下歌手及組合製作歌曲,成功為各單位確立具特色的音樂風格,而且得到很好的迴響。當中包括:黎曉陽、鄧小巧、Nowhere Boys、per se。

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